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Mens Trachtenmode in Bavarian Superstore
Men costumes then and now.
The costume as a varied range of clothing for men at the origin of the costume. For what man decided to determine the number of different occasions. So there was the everyday dress and festive costume for Sundays and holidays. As with the women's costumes and the festive Mr costume was splendid, working with fine materials and with numerous embellishments and details. Nowadays Mr. costumes have a big development behind. From the original two costume variants countless costume designs have evolved until today. What started with the leather pants and the traditional national costume, today is a far-reaching collection, from the Select the Lord today and can be dressed. There is now also the casual trousers variant which is also equipped with the traditional accessories. Whether pant or knickerbockers, the cuts are now modern and slim fit. The classic hip-length Janker nowadays there are in different shape, fabric and color variations. The klassischern national costume there for different occasions, whether a birthday party or wedding. The classic Trachtenhemd there in endless colors and patterns, usually in conjunction with a costumes sweater, which are now also available with modern cuts and variants.
The costume from head to sole
Important in a dress is also the right footwear. Essential while wearing brogues are the typical costume socks. The well-known Haferlschuhe there alongside traditional, classic design today as costume sneaker Still the classic dress shoe is chosen. A traditional alternative is the rugged dress boots, this usually has a comfortable fit and is suitable for those who are often and long to give. To complete the perfect costume outfit, like, our range of traditional costumes for men in the Bavarian Superstore many ways Get the wealth of combination options we advise ..
The Favourit men Trachtenmode
In the traditional fashion for men and Buam ranking lederhosen is the absolute favorite. The leather pants, which was traditionally made of deerskin and is done by hand, in different embodiments. The trousers, which has proven to be suitable for everyday use, is often taken for the workday. The shorter variants to knee enjoys just during the warm season great popularity. It is the fashionable costumes garment for various occasions. The popularity of costumes lederhosen is equated with Dirndl for women. Today, as in earlier days also, the Lord can wear his lederhosen with a perfect fit. The Trachtenhemd wirn today worn not only with the leather pants, but in everyday life with jeans a popular clothing item. So the combination is with normal everyday clothing not a fashionable stilbruch but a refreshing alternative which setzt.Der in its own way express style traditional Janker can also be worn well with normal everyday fashion as in the traditional fashion of men and provides a comfortable fit.
Tradition and fashion
If you are looking for traditional fashion, then you are Bavarian Superstore properly. We offer the modern and the traditional Tachtenlook. Whether young or old, with us find the men always the right one style. Perfect cuts offer in any compatible too a great comfort. Exciting Quality and at an excellent price / performance ratio. We'll take you easily through our online store to give you your way to the perfect costume outfit as easy to make. Click through our constantly changing assortment and discover always new ideas.
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