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Trachtenmode and Trachtenshirt at the Bavarian Superstore 
Fully in trend is the Bavarian costume and enjoys increasing popularity. Man wearing again increasingly Dirndl and Lederhosen and to prove its suitability for everyday use. It would be wrong, however, if one thinks that there must be only dirndl or lederhosen ever. However, many think first in mind when they think of traditional fashion or Bayern. The Bavarian costume has much more to offer than just dirndl and lederhosen, it is much more versatile. Take for example the still Trachtenhemd for men to mention ordering, just your Trachtenhemd and your Trachtenmode in Bavarian Superstore.
What triggered the trend for traditional costumes?
Surely you have already noticed, the traditional fashion is booming. In today's fast-moving times arises more often the desire for deceleration. Many still remember the calm and contemplative time of Oma Opa us. A small part contributes to the clothing of grandparents. The traditional fashion. A wide selection at low prices can be found in the Bavarian Superstore. Trachtenmode long gone old-fashioned and country, as some contemporaries misrepresent. The opposite is the case. Trachtenmode comes from the big city. They came later to the countryside. Today, a visit to the Oktoberfest without costume is almost impossible, and tastes like a mug of beer or a white sausage when you're wearing no hearty costume.
As the traditional fashion has spread?
A large portion of the distribution of the traditional costumes have traditional festivals such as the world-famous Oktoberfest. Due to the increasing popularity of this great popular festival, which this was taking place in the autumn of getting bigger and attracted more and more people an..Die popularity this festival is said quickly spread beyond the borders of the German-speaking out and attracted people from around the world to the famous Oktoberfest. Today the Oktoberfest is an economic factor which is not to be underestimated. So is celebrated in many now Oktoberfest in Munich model. was with the Oktoberfest and of course the costume together so it was that the costume fashion with was exported to the world. Each of the thus visited a festival in proper costume fashion, feels a bit like a Bayer. Proper Trachtenmode see it in the Bavarian Superstore Shop Online
Costume shirts for men everyday or formal wear
In an Oktoberfest should at least wear a hearty Trachtenhemd when one wants to carry no whole costume, or is not a fan of traditional fashion. But not only the Oktoberfest, in everyday life the Trachtenhemd for men is a compatible piece of clothing. Formerly the Trachtenhemd was the usual garment everyday and was worn daily at work. The Trachtenhemd was a more robust and more resistant all-rounder, this is still in many costume shirts case.
You will find a wide range of costume shirts in Bavarian Superstore
Mostly a costume cotton shirt. This provides a high wearing comfort and is also also still robust and langlebig.Es are also nobler and finer dress shirts dress shirts are for gentlemen always great things and make a good impression, whether in the work or leisure, in the countryside or the city Sometimes the Madeln vote with their masters and then a real head turner. Especially often you can see it on the Oktoberfest There is a large selection of costume shirts. Who spoiled the choice.
Check yes or no, the classics
The classic Bavarian Superstore is the classic checkered Traditional Shirt. This dress shirts are available for men usually in the colors red, blue, green, or in different tones. Normally you wear this dress shirts with leather trousers .. However, so looks a Trachtenhemd also afloat with jeans or dress pants in Some men dress shirts have an additional embroidery on the chest or on the button bar. But some shirts also have additional applications and embroideries on the arm or on the back. These shirts for men are then real eyecatcher. There are costume shirts for men with different checked patterns. Karogrößen, sometimes traditional and sometimes rather modern.
See the Bavarian Superstore a wide selection of different dress shirts for men. Of particular importance are the different patterns, plaids, applications and designs is not allowed what they like and fit .. You can get a hearty Bavarian Trachtenhemd normal as any other shirt and wear. If you do not want to give a beginner or a tourist can be seen at the Oktoberfest, so just roll up our sleeves and leave the top button on the collar open, it looks quaint and casual out how the Bayern halt are like that.

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