care instructions

Leather is a natural product and should be a little bit maintained for long lasting and a proper look. It is a difference what garment you want to maintain as well as how the surface of the leather is.

• Shoes
Smooth leather shoes should be brushed or cleaned with a damp cloth. From time to time it is recommended to rub shoes with a high quality leather emulsion. They should be stored with shoe trees. Suede shoes should be brushed when they got dirty and should be impregnated with a shoe spray for suede shoes from time to time.

• Lederhosen
Usually a real quality leather pant does not require a special maintenance.
if your leather pant is getting wet please dry it slowly on a clothes-hanger. Please avoid direct heat from a heater and also direct sunlight.
if the pants got very dirty they can be washed with clear water and a small amount of a mild shampoo. A light contition after drying with a suitable spray for suede leathers is recommended.
We do not recommend a chemical leather cleaning.

• Jackets / Vests
You should avoid that quality Jackets or west from velour, napping / suede are getting wet.
We recommend to use a suitable spray for suede leathers from time to time.
Please always use a suitable hanger.

If you have questions about cleaning / maintenance please contact us. We will advise you and give you valuable tips.

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